Better and affordable health care, driven by data

We are optimistic about health care. Better and affordable care, that is our mission. We make actionable analyses based on data and technology, to gain better insight into the performance of your health care institution. This is our way of helping you make the right, objective decisions.

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Data to insight

We understand the challenging dilemmas hospitals and physicians are faced with, and reduce them to transparent analyses and models:

Portfolio choices

How can we make data driven choices in our portfolio, to provide the most appropriate health care?

Alignment hospital and physician

How do we facilitate optimal alignment of hospitals and physicians?

Contractual arrangements health insurers

How do we improve the content of contractual arrangements with health insurers and gain control over our revenue?

Quality vs. costs

How do we ensure the highest possible outcome of care, combined with the most efficient business operation?

Our solutions

For over 10 years, we have been pioneering with data driven health care solutions. That’s how we are able to help you as a medical and financial professional to provide appropriate and value driven health care.

Your advantages

  • Clear insights
  • Data driven decisions
  • LOGEX Benchmark®
  • Intuitive interface


Onze klanten

LOGEX werkt samen met meer dan 90% van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen:

In data we trust




  • 02 March 2018

    Mile stone in outcome measurement of medical interventions in Dutch hospitals

    Novel model for automatized insight into quality of care without additional administrative burden

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  • 10 January 2018

    LOGEX and Value2Health join forces

    Creating a one-stop-shop for value based health care, LOGEX and Value2Health – also known from labels like MRDM, Prismant and Brightingale – have joined forces to help professionals, providers and payors transition towards accountable and value based care. This alliance creates an international group, based in The Netherlands, that develops and implements software products, analytics services, and integrated solutions to improve care and reduce costs: a ‘one-stop-shop’ for value based health care, unique in the world.

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affordable health care?

Would you like to develop your talents within a rock-solid team of top specialists in econometrics, medicine and computer science? Are you interested in working with a team that combines science and technology, uncovers new data and exposes undiscovered and complex relationships? Don’t hesitate to reach out and send us your motivation and resume.