LOGEX and Value2Health join forces

Creating a one-stop-shop for value based health care, LOGEX and Value2Health – also known from labels like MRDM, Prismant and Brightingale – have joined forces to help professionals, providers and payors transition towards accountable and value based care. This alliance creates an international group, based in The Netherlands, that develops and implements software products, analytics services, and integrated solutions to improve care and reduce costs: a ‘one-stop-shop’ for value based health care, unique in the world.

Posted on: 10 January 2018
Author: Philipp-Jan Flach

Working towards better and affordable health care

The collaboration is a logical response to ever growing demand of healthcare providers, professionals, patients and other stakeholders for actionable insights and practical tools in the areas of cost efficiency, efficacy and value for patients. The experience, data and solutions of LOGEX and Value2Health in these fields are very complementary:

"The collaboration between LOGEX and Value2Health enables us to help answer these critical questions – a collaboration unique in The Netherlands and abroad.”

LOGEX combines advanced intelligence models and best-in-class technologies to give clear insights into the performance of healthcare providers. The models of LOGEX support medical and financial professionals in making objective, data-driven decisions to improve health care delivery. Value2Health gives everyone who provides, receives or organises healthcare, access to reliable information on quality, that supports providers, physicians and other stakeholders in improving health care outcomes.

A comprehensive view on value for patients

Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX, explains: “Important questions in health care delivery are: What care should or shouldn’t we provide? How do we provide this care in a cost-efficient and patient-focused manner? And what outcomes do we realize, for which patients? The collaboration between LOGEX and Value2Health enables us to help answer these critical questions – a collaboration unique in The Netherlands and abroad.”

Wim Smit, CEO of Value2Health, adds: “Patients, providers, insurers, governments and other stakeholders all have different information needs to help make decisions in their respective domains. This requires insights into complex health care processes from different angles. Our collaboration builds bridges between stakeholders and disciplines and empowers them to make healthcare even more valuable.”

Trusted products and services, but with new possibilities

Both LOGEX and Value2Health have years of experience within their own practice areas. They will continue to focus on their customers’ needs, providing the same products, services and brands, with the same people and organisations. The executive board will be formed by Philipp Jan Flach, Wim Smit, Rudolph Haardt and Koen Luijckx. Jointly, LOGEX and Value2Health possess the experience and capabilities to realise their shared mission: sustainable health care.





Posted on
10 January 2018

Philipp-Jan Flach

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