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We are optimistic about healthcare. Better and affordable care, that is our mission. The healthcare industry in the Middle East is transforming and LOGEX is proud to support in this process. Our actionable analytics based on data and technology provide you with better insight into the performance of your healthcare institution.

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Data to insight

Founded in 2009, LOGEX is a fast growing healthcare data analytics leader in the Netherlands. Over the past ten years, we have worked closely with our customers to develop the LOGEX product suite. Furthermore, we collaborate with Value2Health to provide comprehensive insights into quality of care, quality of life and costs. We understand the challenging dilemmas hospitals and physicians are faced with and reduce them to transparent analysis and models:

Portfolio choices

How can we make data driven choices in our portfolio, to provide the most appropriate health care?

Alignment hospital and physician

How do we facilitate optimal alignment of hospitals and physicians?

Contractual arrangements health insurers

How do we improve the content of contractual arrangements with health insurers and gain control over our revenue?

Quality vs. costs

How do we ensure the highest possible outcome of care, combined with the most efficient business operation?

Clinical registries

What is our performance compared to other providers in a region, country or worldwide?

Quality of care performance

How can we visualise the performance of our hospital and identify improvement potential?

Patient module

What are the best treatments for our patients and how can we monitor their well-being before, during and after treatment?

The LOGEX Group

As LOGEX, Ivbar and Prodacapo have decided to join forces in the form of the new LOGEX Group in 2018: an European market leader in advanced software in healthcare for analyzing outcomes and costs has been established. Our complementary expertise and skills enable us to provide all stakeholders in healthcare with access to actionable analytics. Like this, we offer hollistic solutions and help create a sustainable balance between high quality of care against containable costs!

LOGEX Middle East

Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex and demand continues to rise, also in the Middle East. LOGEX’ solutions can support the health care providers in the region with improving the efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and quality of care provided. Our extensive experience in building a company at the forefront of a healthcare revolution allows is to apply best practices. We are expanding our current clientbase in the region and are in the process of creating a regional and national benchmark.

LOGEX in the kingdom of saudi arabia

In August 2017, representatives of the MOH of Saudi Arabia and King Saud Medical City visited the Netherlands to gain insight into best-practice organization models in the health sector. Ever since, King Saud Medical City has been a valuable partner for us. LOGEX is currently active in multiple hospitals in Saudi Arabia enhancing data processes and analytical insights. This allows hospitals to provide better and more affordable healthcare in the long run.

LOGEX in the United Arab Emirates

LOGEX is engaged in multiple initiatives in the Arab Gulf region and is steering towards establishing an advanced regional benchmark for physician performance, financial efficiency and clinical outcomes. Please contact us for more information on what we can do for your organization!

Vision 2030 Strategic Objectives Healthcare
Physician Performance
Financial Control
Value Based Healthcare
Increase the efficient utilization of available resources
Attain acceptable waiting times across all stages of service delivery
Improve governance in the health system in order to enhance accountability with regards to quality issues and patient safety
Improve public health services with focus on obesity and smoking
Improve the quality of life and healthcare service provided to patients outside hospitals

Our solutions

LOGEX can add value to all levels of the healthcare industry. We offer different products and services, adjusted to the needs of our client and type of data registered. We work with individual public hospitals or private hospital groups interested in their improvement potential, clusters assessing their relative performance and government bodies who aim to restructure the industry by aligning patient outcomes with financial incentives for providers.

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Our clients

LOGEX is working together with more than 90% of the Dutch hospitals and physicians:

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