Value-based Healthcare Model

ValueBase is a modular platform that is specifically designed to bring value-based healthcare to daily practice. Our platform provides the possibility to collect and process data to report meaningful information on patient-reported outcomes and experiences, clinical data, processes, and costs.

We provide the following services

  • PROMs

    We provide easy-to-use PROM collection systems (forms and apps) and analytics tools. registry modules together with a benchmark system. This way, physicians can track the status of their patients after a treatment and compare it with other hospitals through a benchmark.
  • Clinical processes & outcomes

    We provide 2 solutions:

    Textbook Outcome: Quantitative insights via combined metrics of clinical indicators per treatment

    Clinical Registries: Extensive  registries per type of disease

  • VBHC cost analytics

    We couple outcomes (PROMs or clinical) to costs to achieve a full VBHC view. This can be done through the implementation of the (LOGEX) Financial Control system or, in absence, by using a default cost price benchmark.

For these services, LOGEX collaborates with Value2Health. Value2Health is a Netherlands-based company that has set-up the national standardization of registries, leading to measurable cost reductions and better care. Value2Health services thousands of medical specialists in 25 clinical registries.


Our clients

LOGEX is working together with more than 90% of the Dutch hospitals and physicians: